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Access to skimmer boxes and other pool deck equipment has been one of many areas of to improve pool safety for consumers, especially for children. However pool owners are also looking for integrated solutions that complement their outdoor spaces. The lockable V-LOCK access lid is the newest product from the team at AQUEA, setting a new standard for safe and concealed access to skimmer boxes and pool surround equipment.

AQUEA wanted to deliver peace of mind to pool owners, which led to their unique lockable design, providing the safest concealed skimmer box access in the market. Likewise, builders will appreciate how V-LOCK simplifies compliance with Australian safety standards.  

When it comes to product innovation, the AQUEA team delivers functionality and finish. V-LOCK is a well-engineered product from all angles, with features like:

> Smart design and rigorous engineering for superior strength and durability
> Intuitive twist-and-lift mechanism and ergonomic die-cast key
> An advanced polymer construction, eliminating electrical bonding, simplifying installation & compliance
> Models to suit tile, stone, and timber decking finishes. The range allows for inlay depths of 8 – 32mm.

The V-LOCK Lid kit is ready to go with spacer plate, adhesive and pre-set fastening points for simple installation of all inlay types. The finished result is a flush finish that blends flawlessly into the pool space. V-LOCK is a premium yet affordable solution for a concealed lockable access lid.



Creating a stunning bubble effect just got easier! BUBBLER+ is AQUEA's new modular bubbler system for concrete pools and spas. Builders will love the convenience and versatility, and customers will love the results. 

Traditional bubbler systems tend to create headaches for builders. Traditional fabricated air-loops are labour intensive and time consuming, while drilling through concrete to pipework is risky. Builders need a better solution - a product that’s simple to install with less risk during construction.

BUBBLER+ is AQUEA’s follow-up to its multi-award winning Main Drain products. We have worked with pool builders to develop a simple, reliable and effective solution. After rigorous testing that validated performance and strength, a well-engineered bubbler system has come to life.

BUBBLER+ simplifies installation and is compatible with standard pressure pipe fittings for ultimate flexibility on-site, including construction caps to keep the air-loop clear of debris during the build. The unique manifold’s modular design allows for virtually unlimited configurations, with up to 36 nozzles in a single air-loop using standard air blowers. The greater number of closely spaced nozzles creates a stunningly even effect on the water’s surface.

Low profile nozzles give a discreet finish in a range of colours, concealing tile and render edges. Suited to seats, foot wells, benches, steps, beach entries, and pool windows - the possibilities with BUBBLER+ seem endless.

Learn more about BUBBLER+


We are very excited to announce AQUEA’s Main Drain has received the “Innovative Product” Gold Award in SPASA Australia’s National Awards of Excellence 2021.

This recognition is a result of overwhelming support and encouragement from Australia’s pool builders and their appetite for new and better products.

Our sincere thanks to SPASA Australia for their warm welcome into the association, and congratulations to all of the nominees and finalists. Winning this accolade would not be possible without the support of our industry colleagues, suppliers, loyal pool builders and awesome distributors. Thank you all very very much.

AQUEA is dedicated to developing products that help you Build a Better Pool. We have a few new products in the pipeline which we can’t wait to share with you, so watch this space!


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